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About Karyn Jarmer

As Executive Chef and Owner of My Kitchen Witch, Karyn Jarmer brings to life her philosophy of food as fun, and she manages to do it in ways that won't necessarily increase your waistline or shrink your budget. Her food is the stuff of our childhood, with a conscience: home-cooked, healthy comfort food.

Karyn's signature taste began taking shape at age 15, when she learned about the restaurant business and good home cooking from the owner of a local "mom & pop" restaurant. Just three years later, Karyn was manager at a busy South Street Seaport cafe, and her vision of the world of eating was expanded. Her keen observations and innate artistry soon led her to start her own catering business, Bedrock Catering, in Manhattan. Word spread about the New Jersey native's skills, and she quickly gained notoriety -- and an impressive clientele -- in the TV and film industry, which she maintains today.

After 9/11 Karyn began to reconsider her decision to base her business in NYC and in 2005, she returned to the Jersey shore to open My Kitchen Witch Cafe. Here, her philosophy has blossomed: healthy choices and top-quality ingredients -- blended with a little bit of magic -- make for a spellbinding combination.

Come in, sit down, relax and have fun. You're Karyn's guest at My Kitchen Witch.

What's on the menu?
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