Cafe Menu

At My Kitchen Witch, you'll enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals that will soothe your soul. With a little bit of magic, we've found ways to make your favorite comfort foods better for you by using nutritional, lighter ingredients. It's deliciousness at its best, served up by our fun and friendly staff in our charming little cafe. Don't forget to check our specials board when you come in -- the Witch always has something extraordinary brewing!

Download the Cafe Menu PDF Here.

I have been so impressed with you, your incredible staff, and, of course, your food. And we've been rooting from afar, following your progress via social media. I'm so glad that you guys are getting a much deserved shout out on our air. That's what we're here for! Best of luck... and, I had lunch at your place 2 weeks ago... food was incredible and your new place looks GREAT!